Anion Booster

Anion Booster

Proven to help control hypocalcemia by regulating metabolic PH while improving dry matter intake

Features of Anion Booster

  • Best Palitability
  • Best Aroma
  • Best flowability
  • Best Efficacy


  • Helps decrease Milk Fever (Hypocalcemia)
  • Helps increase DRY MATTER INTAKE
  • Helps increase feed consumption
  • Helps decrease displaced abomasum
  • Helps increase milk production
  • Helps decrease Ketosis
  • Helps decrease retained placenta

Research Proves Anion Booster Tastes Better

Anion Booster is a blend of chlorides and sulfates from glutamic acid fermentation solubles and corn fermentation solubles. Its unique drying process gives it a toasted, coffee-molasses like flavor and aroma.

The chlorides as a source of anions are enrobed in dried molasses solubles and corn fermentation solubles. Feed intake is critical in the close-up transition diet. Anion Booster has proven to help increase Dry Matter Intake.

Those fed regular anionic salts experienced a decrease in consumption.

Research provided by: University of Idaho Animal & Veterinary Sciences Department Complete research available upon request.

Anion Dry Matter Intake Chart