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For 22 years, a global leader as a manufacturer of Transition Cow nutrients. Based on University research and applied science, our products are proven to give the transition cow nutritional benefits to help prevent Hypocalcemia and Ketosis.

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The Stuhr Transition-Nutrition Solution

Both research and practical on-farm application demonstrate the consistent results producers see when feeding ANION BOOSTER and GLUCOSE BOOSTER in the pre-fresh and the early fresh cows.

The Stuhr Transition- Nutrition Solution is proven at the University and on the dairy to provide a palatable source of anions and an effective source of glucose precursors to help prevent Hypocalcemia and Ketosis.

Anion Booster

A solution to help control Hypocalcemia (Milk Fever) by utilizing anions derived from natural sources that are palatable which helps increase DMI during this critical time of Transition. It also regulates the metabolic pH of the cow's blood and urine to increase the absorption of calcium.

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Glucose Booster

A unique blend of glucose precursors that help the Transition cow produce enough glucose to help prevent subclinical and clinical ketosis and the resulting health problems.

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